Service Opportunities

ACSI Australia exists to strengthen Christian schools and empower young people to reach their full potential in Jesus Christ.

  • We believe that as a global movement of Christian schools, and as ambassadors of Christ, we are called to emulate Christ by humbly serving others and preaching the Gospel in word and deed.
  • We envision Christian schools that are obedient to Christ’s commands to show grace to the poor and marginalised, build unity in the global church, and bring glory to God’s name. These schools would be “lighthouses”, not “clubhouses”, blessing others out of the abundant blessing they have received, and working together as one global body.
  • We want to see students grow to be bold in their faith, full of compassion and empathy, and always “dressed ready for service” (Luke 12:35) as they pursue Christ throughout their whole lives.

As a result of the guiding principles above, we seek genuine partnerships with Christian schools and organisations around the world in order to unify the body of believers and see people transformed by the love of Christ. We work to empower people to become agents of change in their own sphere of influence, respecting their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We speak out for those who cannot be heard, while also amplifying their voice so they might speak for themselves. We are quick to listen, and seek to draw out each person’s God-given strengths, abilities and potential so that they might be free to pursue their life’s calling in Christ.

Our Partners

Consider service opportunities available to you and your community by connecting with our Australian-based partners that serve various regions around the world.

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Partner with a Christian School Overseas

ACSI Asia-Pacific has offices in Indonesia, South Korea, India and the Philippines, with many schools interested in partnership. Partnerships could involve a language program, mutual encouragement and prayer support, ICT communication between classrooms, collaborative project-based learning activities, provision of teacher training and teacher or student exchange.

Schools currently seeking partnership:

  • Sekolah Papua Kasih, Indonesia
  • Sekolah Tunas Daud Group, Indonesia
  • Ararat Christian Academy, Uganda
  • Oasis of Hope Christian School, Uganda
  • Good Samaritan Primary School, Uganda

To find out more or discuss opportunities for partnership in other countries, please contact us.

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Teach Overseas or Conduct Teacher Training

Many schools around the world are in need of temporary teachers for classrooms or to conduct training events with their staff on a variety of subjects. Training topics could include integrating a biblical worldview into the curriculum, classroom or behaviour management, working with students who have special needs and leadership development.

Short-term Exchange Opportunities

minimum four weeks

  • Solomon Islands

Long-term Exchange Opportunities

minimum six months

  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Western China
  • Malawi
  • Mozambique

To find out more about these opportunities, please contact Sandra Scott.

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Attend Global Events

There are a number of fantastic conferences available for ACSI members. These events are designed to challenge, inspire and connect Christian educators from around the world.

ACSI Australia Events

Fundraise to Support ACSI Asia-Pacific

ACSI aims to equip teachers and strengthen Christian schools around the world. Run a fundraiser in your school to help support ACSI in its mission. Your funds will go towards functions such as teacher training events and conferences, resourcing schools in rural or remote areas and establishing the new ACSI office and team in India.

Fundraising Ideas

Find an overseas teaching job

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